What Type of Razor is the Best to Use

30 Sep

There are many types of razors you can find in the market today. There is the double edge safety razon which uses double edge blades and will have either a straight edger or a comb-edge of each side. The straight razor uses single-edge blade and can be fixed or changeable. A multi-blade razor uses multiple blade cartridges. For specific information, people can get to visit this website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Razor.

Straight blades have been around for the longest time. Because it was quite inconvenient sharpening the blade with a leather strop a new razor was invented which uses an interfaceable or double edge razor blade. On the other hand, multi-blade razors require the use of cartridges. These are made of plastic but there are other designs that are made from chrome, gold plating, wood, and others.

The single straight blade has only a single moving part, the blade that swivel open and close. The body is typically made of wood, metal or other materials. These safety blades can have a butterfly opening where the blade Is set in place or the handle unscrews from the head and taken apart to place the razor blade. The razors are typically made of metal, such as chrome, gold-plating, but the handle can also be made from wood, or other materials. If you take care of you single blade razor, it can last a lifetime and provide excellent shave throughout its life. Multi-blade razors can last for a few years if taken care of properly.

You can get the best results from single blazed razors with a little practice. You need patience to be able to perfect the art. Otherwise,   it will result in a rough shave, with nicks and cuts. Multi-blade razors, on the other hand, are easier to use and you don't need to learn how.

You can use multi-blade razors at any time. But straight or fixed blade razors need to be sharpened before use. This is not also required for changeable single blade razors. 

It is expensive to buy multi-blade cartridges. Single blade safety razors save you more money.

Multi-blade razors can perfume lift and cut. It puts out the whisker out of the skin before cutting it. This gives a smooth finish, but the whisker can go beneath the skin surface which can cause ingrown hairs. Double edged or single edged razors can do this since they are straight cuts. 

Plastic cartridges are used in multi-blade razors which are disposed of and can go to a landfill. Multi-blade razor manufacturers are developing the latest and greatest blades for their razors. Single blade razors have none of these. They cannot be made better.

Using single blade straight or safety razons gives you three inches of sharp, unguarded, polished steel used to scrape off the hair. You need skill, patience and dexterity to do the job well. This is not required with multi-blade razors, so choose a Rockwell Razors as the best company that produces these products.

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